Лекторите: Luc Princen

Люк Принсен е симпатичен, усмихнат и дружелюбен програмист от Холандия. Люк е главен разрабочик и основател на Chef du Web, малка WordPress агенция в южна Холандия. Обича технологиите с отворен код, чистия front-end код, барбекю и да играе (големи) стратегически игри.

Поговорихме си с Люк, за да го опознаете малко по-добре преди лекцията му в събота.

Hey Luc, how are you these days! Can you introduce yourself quickly for the Bulgarian WordPress community?

I’m fine, thank you! I’m a WordPress developer and a business-owner from the south of the Netherlands. We do a lot of websites with WordPress, but also applications and campaign websites. I really love contributing to open source projects. I’m mostly a front-end focussed developer, which is where my love for eloquent javascript comes from. I’m maried, have a three year old son who loves to rough-house and watch cartoons and I enjoy an occasional game of Civilization V or Europa Universalis IV. I also like barbecueing and brewing beer.

How did you get involved with WordPress?

My internship, back in 2007, involved some WordPress. I gradually started getting more appreciation for the platform, especially when it introduced custom post types. It really took off when a friend of mine (Patrick Brouwer) released his „Simple Portfolio“ plugin. I went through the code and was like; „I can do this too!“. I released some badly written plugins (which are deprecated by now) and started creating websites in it. Eventually I’ve learned to work around WordPress’ quircks and started oriënting me to tools outside WordPress. I’ve learned a whole lot from this and other communities.
What are the most interesting projects you’ve done with WordPress?
The most interesing projects we’ve done as an agency are mostly our own plugins and open-source toolbelt „Cuisine“. Thats because we got to be in charge of how we wanted to structure and work with things. Most of our websites are driven by our own code, and it’s really challenging to create something that will be usable, semantic and logic for a bunch of developers.
As someone who mostly consideres himself to be a frontender I also really enjoyed creating stuff like auto-saving profile-pages for small health-related businesses which we did completely in javascript using the new REST api.

Can you tell us a bit more about your talk at WordCamp Sofia. Why did you choose this topic?

My talk will be about flexbox. A new and native CSS spec to deal with responsive layouts. Nine months ago we started using flexbox as an agency. It’s currenlty the only way we create themes in our company. Before this we where constantly cursing the grid-frameworks available and there lack of flexibility. Now we love doing responsive themes. It’s a powerful thing when a new technique can make you completely change your company’s workflow. Why I chose this topic is because of my sincere hope that people will start using this technique and will start experiencing the same feeling that we had.

Is it your first time in Sofia? What are your expectations?

Last year I visited your beautiful city because of WordCamp Europe. Sadly, I had a deadline planned for that weekend and we had a lot of stuff to do when I arrived. It actually got so bad that I was coaching our project-manager on some server work while my plane had just landed. I was literally just on the tarmac in Bulgaria when I started working.

This year I’m very much determined to explore and enjoy your beautiful city. I have no deadline due and a (new) server that’s working steadily, so if you have any tips for me, please share! I have some expectations (last year I definitely did notice the beauty of Sofia), but I’m open for anything.


Не пропускайте лекцията на Люк Thinking outside the box (model): WordPress theming with Flexbox е в 11:20 сутринта в събота. Все още можете да си вземете билет за WordCamp София. Ще се видим в Арена Младост.