Лекторите: Luca Sartoni

Лука Сартони е италианец, който живее във Виена, прави разкошни снимки и организира и говори на много събития, свързани с WordPress. Лука работи за Automattic, компанията зад WordPress.com, и пътува и изнася лекции на редица WordPress събития включително WordCamp Europe, Сърбия и Холандия.

Лука пристига в София, за да ни разкаже как да използваме маркетинг триковете на традиционните занаяти, за да продаваме WordPress услуги по-добре.

Преди WordCamp Sofia си поговорихме малко с Лука, за да ви запознаем с него и това какво прави. Интервюто е на английски, както ще бъде и лекцията на Лука “Why the plumber always wins” следващата събота.

Luca Sartoni at WordCamp Europe 2014. Photo by Vladimir Kaladan Petkov

Luca Sartoni at WordCamp Europe 2014. Photo by Vladimir Kaladan Petkov

Hey Luca, could you introduce yourself quickly to the Bulgarian WordPress community?

I’m a Growthketeer at Automattic. However explaining my job title is not so easy. I’ve been trying to explain my mother what I do since I was 18, I’m 35 now and haven’t managed to succeed on that yet. I simply contribute to the business growth of WordPress.com. I also contribute actively to WordPress, but being an awful developer I don’t do that with code. I contribute to the community side of the project, organising WordCamp Europe, WordCamp Vienna, and speaking at local WordCamps.

How did you get into WordPress?

Back in 2006 I needed a site for my personal branding. I had always contributed to Free Software projects, so WordPress was a natural choice. I have been a WordPress enthusiast ever since.

What is the most interesting project you’ve been involved with recently?

WordCamp Europe 2015 was a blast, I was in charge of coordinating the volunteers, but the next one, WordCamp Europe 2016 in Vienna is really exciting. I am sharing this project with a great team of almost 20 people from all over Europe and it’s so thrilling!

What made you apply to speak to WordCamp Sofia?

I love Sofia. I was there a few times, mentoring startup at local accelerators and I volunteered at WordCamp Europe 2014. As soon as I spotted the chance to be back and contribute to WordCamp Sofia, I wanted to be there and give back to the amazing local community.

Tell us a bit about your talk, what is it about? Why did you choose that subject?

„Why the Plumber Always Wins” is a breakdown of the marketing strategies that traditional trades, as plumbers, use to strive in their business. I oft hear WordPress professionals struggle with their pricing, their branding, their business practice. They may be excellent at code, but when it comes down to business they suffer a little bit. So I decided to take traditional business and analyse how it works, how it charges clients, how it negotiate contracts, and how the entire value-chain works. This way I hope to give valuable advice to all the WordPress Professionals out there and help them be more profitable and happy with their job.

What would you say to someone who’s not been to a WordCamp before?

Get real, go to a WordCamp!


WordCamp София e в събота, 24 октомври, в кино Арена Младост. Ако все още нямате билет, вземете си от тук.